Beata Luksaite

Fitness Centre Manager, Fitness instructor at Bondi Gym

Currently into the CrossFit training


Top personal/sporting achievements: 

  • I have been competing in several CrossFit competitions, obstacle races, but the biggest achievement to me is my own challenge, not only physically but mentally as well.

Career Goals

Help, teach and coach people to achieve their fitness goals, to improve their lifestyle. To be a role model to my clients and motivate them to keep up with the healthy lifestyle and overall well being.


Biggest influence on your career?

My own health and fitness are the biggest driving forces.

Passion, commitment, patience, learning are the biggest qualities in my fitness career. Feeling fit and healthy every day makes me want to continue what I am doing.

Your favourite Balance product/s:

  • Balance BCAA
  • Balance Plant Protein
  • Balance 100% Whey Naturals

Hobbies outside of training and work?

  • I love being outside, getting lost in nature.
  • Spending time with my close friends, enjoying good talks, quiet nights and healthy meals.
  • Travelling

Your top two training tips

  1. Everyone has to choose their own sport and hobby. Choose something you actually enjoy – it can be anything as long as you MOVE. 
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people, focus on what motivates you, keeps you healthy, fit and happy.

Tell us something we don’t know about you:

6 Years ago I was a graphic designer and fitness was my hobby. The different lifestyle, sedentary and stressful job back then made me miserable and forced me to change something – this is how I started to follow my passion.



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