Bec Crossley

F45, IFBB Figure

Personal Trainer / Gym Owner



In October I will be competing in the IFBB in Figure and will the dream of coming away with my pro card while competing as a vegan athlete. 

I have recently started studying nutrition as I have always had a holistic approach to health and want to help as many people as possible achieve their health and lifestyle goals. 

My career goals are forever changing as I keep setting the bar higher and higher. The aim is to always keep learning and growing as a fitness professional


  • Owning my F45 gym by the age of 27
  • Having my client take out the world title out of 50,000 entrants in the F45 Define 8 week challenge.
  • Whilst working within the diving industry I was one of the youngest highest qualified professional in the Asia Pacific region.


What is your Biggest career influence?

The biggest influence on my career would have to be my family. They have always told me no matter what I’m doing to make sure I’m at the top of my game. 

This has been the driving force behind me wanting to be the best personal trainer I can be. I am constantly learning and growing both as a person and fitness professional. Having the opportunity to impact so many people’s lives in such a positive way is something that I will never take for granted.

Hobbies outside of training & competition?

Surfing will always remain my biggest passion but anything to do with the ocean always makes me feel so grounded and is a great way to take some time out of the daily grind. 

If I’m not at work you’ll generally find me outdoors surfing, skating, paddle boarding, snowboarding when I can get away and hanging with my two big dogs.

What are 2 training tips you would give to aspiring Athletes?

  1. Fuelling your workouts. With fasted cardio becoming more and more popular it’s important to remember that your body runs just like an engine and it needs fuel to run efficiently. Your fasted cardio should consist of Low intensity steady state training and should never be your resistance or HIIT sessions. Dropping workout nutrition is counterproductive when it comes to energy expenditure and muscle preservation. 
  2. Giving your body adequate rest and recovery time. Your time outside the gym is just as if not more important than time spent in the gym. When your progress and performance plateaus or even decreases you see so many people make the mistake of pushing even harder in the gym which is counterproductive to muscle gain and fat loss. Schedule your training days and allow for rest days and most importantly always listen to your body.

Tell us something we don't know about you?

I live a cruelty free lifestyle and don’t fuel my body with any animal products. While I have always had such a huge passion for the health and fitness industry I spent 8 years of my life working as a commercial diver before becoming a personal trainer.

What are your favorite Balance Products?

  • Plant protein
  • Amino Complex
  • Glutamine


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