Scott Madden

Obstacle Races and Functional Fitness



Currently into the Obstacle Races and Functional Fitness, but have done everything & would class myself as an all-round athlete. I also own my own gym (Body Movement) on the Central Coast of NSW where my passion is to encourage and help people through my own specific training system.

Career Goals

  • To share the knowledge of the fitness system that I have created in my gym as I believe it is a very holistic and different way of training.


I have competed in a variety of events from Crossfit, Obstacle Races, Adventure Races, Half marathon obstacle races. But my training itself has been getting harder therefore has been more of an achievement than competition! You just have to learn to fight the voices in the head!


Who is your biggest career influence?

The biggest influence on my sporting and business career would be the emergence of functional style training, the variety that it brings and the benefits that it has.

What are your top two balance products?

I Love the new Naturals range.

Balance 100% Whey Naturals

Balance Plant Protein Naturals

Balance Beta Alanine

What are your hobbies outside of training & competing?

I’m always active. I do enjoy my surfing, skating, mountain biking, anything that gets the heart rate going and has a thrill to it!

What are 2 training tips you would give to aspiring athletes?

  • I remember reading Mike Tyson’s book and a journalist asked Mike why he would get up and run at 2am in the morning, his response was “I knew my opponent would be asleep & I felt by doing this I was always one step ahead of his training at all times”. Make sure you are training harder than your competition!!
  • Fuel your body correctly, It’s a machine that needs the best nutrition on the market!

Tell everyone something they don’t know about you. 

I have a Lion’s head tattoo which covers my back. Back when I was younger I was obsessed with lions & interested on the reasons behind their behaviour. Do some research, they are amazing animals!



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