Tammy Baines

Profession Bikini competitor

Personal Trainer


Top three personal/sporting achievements: 

  1. Australian Bikini champion, INBA Canberra 2015 
  2. 3rd Natural Olympia World title Bikini opens, PNBA/INBA Las Vegas 2015 
  3. Pro Bikini Qualifier Champion, INBA Sydney 2015

Career Goals

I love everything about the career path I am on and wake up every day excited to move forward. I have a personal training and group fitness business "Kurvylicious”. Kurvylicious is about empowering woman through health and fitness to live the life they've always dreamt of. I aspire to expand this fun, informative and positive approach to female fitness online and to other locations around Australia.


Biggest influence on your career?

The biggest influence on my career has been my passion for a healthy lifestyle. I have met so many people living their life limited by their health status, which is usually preventable or manageable by engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle. We only get one body to live our life in and all the evidence is there indicating how important it is too look after it. I understand that confidence plays a massive role in one’s lifestyle decision. I felt that I can relate to woman that aren't sure on where or how to start.

Your favourite Balance product/s:

  • Balance Naturals Plant Protein
  • Balance BCAA 
  • Ultra ripped protein

Hobbies outside of training and work?

I love dancing, in particular Salsa, Bachata, and Zouk. I really enjoy being outside, I love the beach, bush walks, running, snowboarding. When I am indoors you'll find me getting creative in the kitchen with clean and YUMMY meals, drawing or painting, watching documentaries and getting lost in conversation with friends and family. I love travelling the world and meeting new people.

Your top two training tips

1) Goals. When it comes to training I truly believe for a goal to be achievable that you need to be able to recognize the positives associated with that goal. Think outside of the obvious "weight loss" or "get toned" mentality, and ask yourself "Why do I want this... I will be healthy, I will be more energetic, I will be more confident, I can meet like-minded people, I will have a better quality of life, I will for more comfortable in my skin..." These are the added positive that will get you out of bed early that will make you consider making healthier lifestyle choices more frequently, and continue to push you when results don't happen overnight. Have fun and enjoy the process, if you can find all the positives associated with your goal then you can enjoy it all even more. 

2) Don’t be afraid to dream big and don't compare yourself to others. If you have a goal that seems so silly, go for it, seek a professional that can guide you in the right direction and don't give up on it. Everyone starts from somewhere, remember that before you give up on yourself or compare yourself to another. You are on your journey and you get to put into it what you choose.

Tell us something we don’t know about you:

I used to be that girl that hid in the shadows. I was so insecure, and lacked any self-confidence. I always believed the greatest potential in everyone else and admired everyone else. Through school right up until year 10 I did what I could to avoid ever being in the spot light. I missed out on experiencing so many things because of my lack of confidence.

After years of my mum encouraging me to believe in myself one day I decided to try challenge myself to grow and believe in myself. I thought (and still believe) that the only way to do this was to throw myself in the deep end. I started doing crazy things like entering modelling competitions and sports teams to push myself so far out of my comfort zone. I started teaching group fitness and entered my first fitness competition just to grow more. I learnt quickly that each time I push myself further and further I get stronger, more comfortable, and learn more instead of scaring myself out of possible opportunities that could change my life. Only 2 years ago I had the wildest dream on placing at an Australian championship let alone competing as a Pro Bikini competitor at a world championship, this time last year I stepped on stage as a Bikini pro representing Australian at the Worlds Natural Olympia. Ten years ago I wouldn't do a speech at school. I encourage everyone to push themselves out of their comfort level and embrace growth in every way possible. There's not much to lose in trying.



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