Carlos Ulberg

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

Professional Trainer, Model, Actor, Youth Worker and Entrepreneur


Sport & Profession

  • Boxing and Mixed martial Arts
  • Professional Trainer, Model, Actor, Youth Worker and Entrepreneur


  • Cruiserweight World Champion in Boxing & a successful model/actor/entrepreneur.
  • My goal in life is to make a positive impact on this world and establish a legacy that will inspire generations.


Who is your biggest influence in your career?

My 5 year old son; Lamonte is everything to me. My hunger for success is to ensure that he will have the greatest opportunities in life. I am also forever thankful to all my family and friends who support me on this journey.

What are your sports, hobbies and interests?

Growing up in South Auckland, I encountered many social challenges that many youth continue to face today. Thankfully, sport provided a positive pathway for my life.

I’ve always been very active in sport from high school to club sports (rugby league, volleyball etc.). Today, I am very blessed to be an undefeated MMA Fighter & Boxer.

Concurrently, I am a board member of the ASPIRE COMMUNITY trust which aims to help youth who have a similar background to mine overcome social hurdles of life to reach their dreams and goals.

I enjoy family time, travelling, training to get closer to my dream & to help others.

“Where you come from should never determine where you are going”

What are two training tips you can give to aspiring athletes?

  • There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. Step by step you will progressively reach your
    goal. Remember all champions from Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan started as beginners. Set your goal,
    work hard and you will definitely accomplish what you’re after.
  • One of the world’s greatest minds; Albert Einstein said that the moment you stop learning, you start dying.
    Never hesitate to seek help and advice from experts or even like-minded friends and family. Learning from
    your own mistakes is also a part of the journey to success. Knowledge is power!

What are your favorite performance products?

  • Creatine to assist in strength gains during and off season.
  • BCAAs to help protect muscle mass during periods of intense training and assist in recovery.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) helps me to hit my protein requirements during the day.
  • Balance thermo ripped to help with shredding while also fuelling my body.
  • Muscle2go - I enjoy the protein bars while on the move, a lot easier to get the fuel after my intense trainings. They are also very yummy and helps get over my sweet tooth.


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