WADA Compliance

At Balance, we manufacture with professional athletes in mind. That means we do everything we can to ensure that every new product we create complies with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines at the time we make it. We also do our best to ensure our products stay compliant. However, WADA guidelines do change from time to time, and these changes may occasionally render one of our products non-compliant until we can reformulate it. 

We understand that athletes need to have 100% confidence in their sports nutrition, so if this happens, we will notify them through our website

Currently, all Balance products comply with WADA guidelines, except:

100% Pure Colostrum (contains colostrum from milk)Original Mass Gainer (contains colostrum from milk)Mass Gainer with Promilin (contains colostrum from milk)Thermo Ripped (contains octopamine from bitter orange fruitFuel2go Bars (contain glycerol*)Muscle2go Bars (contain glycerol*)Liquid L-Carnitine (contains glycerol*)In large quantities, glycerol is a plasma expander. WADA states that most food products (which will include protein bars) do not contain enough glycerol to act as a plasma expander. However, in the end, athletes need to make their own decision regarding the level of risk they are willing to accept. 

If you have any concerns about whether a specific Balance sports nutrition product complies with WADA guidelines, please check the product’s website listing. For more information about why WADA prohibits each ingredient above, please contact either ASADA or Drug Free Sport NZ.

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