Pip Meo | NZ Triathlete


Pip Meo is an ex New Zealand Football Fern who is now representing New Zealand in Triathlon. This year she will be representing New Zealand in two of the biggest Triathlon events in the world. On September the 1st she will be racing the Olympic Distance World Championships in Edmonton, Canada. On September 6th she will be racing the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

The transition from soccer to endurance athlete has been a big challenge for me both physically and mentality. I had to adapt to coping with a much larger training load, over a longer period at a higher intensity. Training full time and working full time fuelling my body for this is another challenge in itself. I rely on Balance products to not only get me through my training, but get me through my working day.

Two of my favourite products are Balance Glutamine 1000 and Balance Creatine. I take both just before training in the morning. As a triathlete trying to be as lean as possible I also make a brownie using 100% Natural Chocolate Whey Protein. This is a great treat when you have to give up that king size chocolate bar.

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